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Bijan Trades

Helping You Understand The Stock Market & Learn How To Become a Better Trader.

Services We Offer:

Trading Watchlist Subscription

With our Trading Watchlist Subscription, you'll gain access to our Day Trading Watchlist and our Swing Trading Watchlist. This is where we basically do the scanning and trade planning for you, so that you can use our trade ideas along side your research and planning to help you better your trades and better understand the market. Each watchlist will have 3-5 "Stocks On Watch" along with a full game plan for each trade idea such as which direction we think the stock will go, what price level we plan to enter and what price levels we plan to exit (such as profit target and stop loss). The Day Trading Watchlist is updated Daily, and the Swing Trading Watchlist is updated Weekly.

Inner Circle Mentorship Course

With our Inner Circle Mentorship Course, you'll gain access to our Trading Masterclass Educational Video Lessons, as well as direct access to our mentorship email so that you can ask questions at anytime should you have any. The Educational Video Lessons are designed to teach even the newest beginners everything they need to know about trading stocks and stock options. You'll learn everything from A-Z and no prior knowledge or experience is required. Topics covered range from Basic and Advanced Stock Trading Lessons, All About Stock Options, Basic and Advanced Options Trading Strategies, Market Psychology, Technical and Fundamental Analysis, Bijan's Personal Strategies, Risk Management, Stock Selection and Trading Planning, Swing Trading and Day Trading Strategies, and more. The goal of this is to instill the necessary knowledge in you to properly understand how to trade, how the stock market works, and how to navigate the stock and options market on your own with full confidence. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know, Sometimes you don't know what you need to know, and sometimes you can't find that information even if you're lucky enough to be aware of what you need to know. The Inner Circle Mentorship Course is designed to solve that problem for you in a simple and easy to understand format. Each subject has it's own section of lessons, with a total of 9 Sections that each contain 5-10 individual educational lessons/topics which helps make things easier for you to process and easy to refer back to. At any point should you have any questions, feel free to email our mentorship email at anytime and we'll be more than happy to clear things up for you!

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