Watchlist Service

Want Bijan to do the research & planning for you? The Watch-list is a list of stocks that we will be watching, along with a game plan for each trade idea. This is designed for traders that don’t exactly have the time, knowledge, or experience to find good trades & properly plan trades. The Watchlist has two sections, a Day Trading list & a Swing Trading list. Each list will have at least 5 stocks to watch each day, along with an entry/exit plan. The plan will state what stocks we are watching, the price levels we are expecting to enter the trades & the price levels in which we plan to exit the trades. The Day Trading list is updated each evening with stocks that we will be watching for the next morning & the Swing Trading list is updated each week with stocks that we plan to be holding for longer periods of time such as a few days to a few months. This is a monthly subscription service with no commitment required, which means that you can rest assured that you can cancel at anytime & wouldn’t be charged again moving forward should you decide to cancel your membership.

Trading Accelerator Course

The Trading Accelerator is a course that is structured to teach you everything you need to know about stocks from the basic concepts of how to get started, to even the most advanced topics & strategies, in a straight forward & easy to understand format. This is for those who want to learn EVERYTHING about stock trading & stock options trading. This course is extremely beginner friendly meaning that no prior knowledge is necessary and it even walks you through the process of how to properly open your trading accounts as well as properly placing your trades. Topics that are covered range from Basic to Advanced Stock Trading Lessons, Basic to Advanced Options Strategies, Market Psychology, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Bijan’s Personal Strategies, Day Trading & Swing Trading, Risk Management, Market Scanning & Trade Planning, & much more. We also don’t believe in the idea of “just throwing a book at you,” so you also get access to a direct email address in which you can reach out to at anytime should you have any questions.